Symptometry addresses the roots of a person’s disease or symptoms with particulates, specific molecules, dietary and lifestyle modifications, nurturing and non-treatment recommendations.

What are non-treatment recommendations? If a person’s work schedule suggests that they do not have enough sleep, more sleeping time will be recommended. If they need more exercise, the right kind of exercise will be recommended. If they don’t drink enough water, they will be advised to drink more water and the right kind of water. If a person needs a vacation, they will be advised to go on a well-deserved vacation. These are four examples of non-treatment recommendations.

What are molecules? Molecules are dietary supplements with the right weight in milligrams or micrograms that the cells of person need. For instance, a person who has calluses on their feet or corns on their toes will be given a combination of supplements that contain less than 200 milligrams of calcium to be taken for only two days a week while they are being ionized. This is because they cannot thoroughly metabolize calcium. To treat them, calcium will be well combined with specific vitamins and amino acids so that they produce calcitonin. Under individualized treatment, it is the person’s observed or reported symptoms or diseases that determine the kind of molecules they should receive.

There are also botanical products that have been combined with vitamins and amino acids for greater efficacy when nourishing the cells and assisting in ionization and electrolytic dissociation.

Multivitamins, minerals, amino acids, Omega 3, etc. that are in the health food stores are for the public. They are not tailored to any person’s specific condition or cellular needs. In Symptometry, molecules are individualized in terms of combination, dose, timing and frequency.

What are dietary modifications? There are only three ways a person becomes sick. These three ways are: exposure, accident or consumption. If we had not eaten food, we wouldn’t have been sick. The question is, how can a person live without eating food? This is the paradox of nutrition we must solve. If we want to be healthy, there are specific measures that must be taken.

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For instance, to prevent a tumor, a person’s diet must be modified so that they stop eating the foods that have tumor-promoting natural or man-made chemicals. People are under the assumption that what is organic or natural is safe to eat. This is not true.

Organic simply means herbicides and pesticides have not been sprayed on the crops. Nevertheless, the plant’s toxic natural chemicals are still in the crops that were grown without chemical pesticides and herbicides. For instance, there is cyanide in organic apricot and in apricot that has been sprayed with chemical pesticides. This also applies to corn, plum and cassava that were grown organically. Natural should never be synonymous with health. Nature is laced with booby-traps everywhere.

To prevent cancer or its recurrence, a person’s diet must also be modified. Symptometry sells handouts on cancer prevention or how to increase one’s chances of beating cancer.

To cure diabetes or to prevent it, certain foods must not be eaten. Symptometry sells handouts on how to prevent diabetes. However, a person who has diabetes and wants to cure it, will be advised to have root-cause treatment. Every disease requires dietary changes and lifestyle modification.

What is lifestyle modification? Lifestyle involves making choices. We are free to eat and drink and entertain whatever we want but there are consequences for every choice we make and even the choices we refuse to make. We will not have a symptom if we make the right choice but we will have a symptom if we make the wrong choice.

The Internet is not the medium designed to help a person to make the right choices. This is because no one has vetted or peer reviewed the information that is circulating on the Internet or in Wikipedia. In other words, everything on the Internet or in Wikipedia must be crosschecked and verified for accuracy before using it.

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Also, many individuals make choices based on what has been advertised or what others have been eating or drinking. These types of health decision, ignore the fact that a person who does not produce enzymes to digest a certain food will be sickened by it.

Food is a combination of protein, fat, oil, spices, seasonings, salt, starch and sometimes sugars. Different enzymes break down each food constituent. If certain individuals cannot produce a specific set of enzymes, they will have a reaction after eating certain foods.

Every person is unique, even if they are brothers and sisters. It is for this reason that we should eat according to our genetic profile or condition; and self-discipline is required to make the choices that satisfy such a profile.

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Symptomery particulates


Particulates are indispensable to treat and cure over 3,000 symptoms and diseases. This is because they supply a polymer. Only a polymer works at the genetic, DNA and chromosomal level. However, the few individuals who are sensitive to ionization with particulates will be treated with molecules instead.

This approach means that Symptometry does not treat the disease. It treats the person who has the disease. Here is the difference.

The person who has the disease may have many intangible factors or agents that are making it impossible for them to heal. Unless the impediments that are preventing healing are eliminated, healing will never take place. Healing at the cellular level is done per the laws of classical physics.
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