In its 20-year history, Symptometry has cured hundreds of individuals and currently has hundreds more under Dr. Nartey’s care. All health cases are protected by patient-doctor confidentiality. No one has been compensated for their testimony and some listed here have even volunteered to join the health crusade.

“That’s where Symptometry has the edge. Because it knows how to support each step in that process.  Without which we don’t live, and we certainly don’t live optimally.”   Dr. Elizabeth Wanek


“I struggled with vitamin B deficiency.  I had to go in weekly to get injections.  And, my recent physical results show that I no longer have the vitamin B deficiency!”   Anonymous


“The collard green recipe is fantastic and, it calls for uncured turkey bacon.  And, I never cooked collards for that long.  I didn’t know that it was good to cook greens for a long time, because it breaks the molecular bonds.  And the food, the oxalates become more digestible. And, the recipes say you should cook the greens for about an hour and a quarter.   And my family loves the greens!”  Anonymous


“I just look forward to the annual Greensboro, N.C. chapter of Symptometry and the American School of Symptometry’s symposium for next year 2014.”   Dr. Charles Abbott


“Once the diseases are cured at the cellular level; we are able to prevent new diseases from occurring.”  Dr. Maxwell Nartey


“This message is for those people out there.  That they need hope and they need a resolution for their sickness.  Symptometry is the solution.”  Anonymous


“This is a total health system.  I’ve trained under other people, and they only gave me partial answers.”  Anonymous


“Ultimately it’s the person that becomes the facilitator for the healing of their own selves.”   Dr. Elizabeth Wanek


“My family tends to suffer with plaque buildup on our teeth, and we have to go in regularly to fight off gingivitis.  And, it doesn’t matter how much you floss it seems, it just doesn’t help.  But, just by using the yogurt blend, when I went in for my dental visit last week she was amazed with the results.  It was great!  The plaque buildup was minimized significantly!”   Anonymous


“Once we have prevented new diseases from occurring; then mankind will have a chance to live in a disease free body.  This is what we all want.  We all want to live in a disease free body, so that we will be happy all the time.”   Dr. Maxwell Nartey


“It goes deep to the root cause of your sickness or disease.  And, Dr. Nartey is an awesome man!”  Anonymous


“I love being here for Symptometry.  To actually meet Dr. Nartey.  And learning all the information we learned today is really fulfilling.  And, I am definitely going to work towards being a student.”   Michele


“I would encourage anyone who would want to learn about solutions, and not just live in a situation to come; call Symptometry.  Come to a symposium.  And guess what?  You can be like I am.  More enlightened.”   Anonymous


“This was a very awakening moment.  We’re just enjoying ourselves, and feel very enlightened by all the information we received.  I’m looking forward to purchasing a few of the books so I can continue on the Symptometry path.”   Anonymous


“What we have to do now, is to establish the gateway to happiness by removing all diseases from the human body.  It is as simple as that!”   Anonymous


“He talk to me for two hours and he is compassion, and caring.  The care he has for people; I never saw with anybody.  The love for people.  And, I was so impressed.  So impressed.”      Anonymous


“This is my first symposium and I enjoyed it immensely.  I am also a student at the American School of Symptometry.  I would encourage everybody to participate in either the 6 month program, or to study to become a Symptometrist.  Because curing is proving.  We’re learning how.  We want to spread the word.  We need your help.”   Laurie


“Symptometry has really helped me with dental problems.  Before,  I would wake up and my teeth was starting to cross in the front.  And the more citrus I was eating, the worse it would get!  So it’s been able to stop that.  I stop having dental pain in the actual teeth itself.  And, bad breath went away!”   Anonymous


“And the best way to go about it, is through the American School of Symptometry; where we teach cosmic or atomic science.   Where we teach cell nourishment.  So that every cell and every tissue in the human body is well nourished.”          Dr. Maxwell Nartey


“I’m so excited because, we find help in Symptometry.  We are grateful that we find this help and I hope you will call Symptometry.  You gonna find out that anything you have, there is a solution.   And Dr. Nartey knows how to help you.”    Anonymous