It has been said that every therapeutic product has side effects. This is true of all pharmaceutical drugs and certain herbs. Fortunately, this statement does not apply to particulates. Here is why.

First, particulates release mild vibrations whereas herbs and pharmaceutical drugs release coarse vibrations. Coarse vibrations make the product bulldoze their way to the target organ whereas mild vibrations allow the cells to create their own natural pathways for delivery.

Symptometry particulates on a leaf

Symptometry particulates on a leaf

Second, herbs and pharmaceutical drugs are large molecules that have not been reduced to atoms. Particulates are atoms that have formed a chain of monomers called a polymer. Cells work faster with polymers than with molecules.

Third, particulates create electrical, biochemical and nutrient pathways for cell nourishment and for biochemical reactions. Pharmaceuticals and herbs bulldoze their way to the target organs while shutting down many pathways in a person.

Side effect is a euphemism (refined name) for the secondary disease that a therapeutic product causes. It is the product that bulldozes its way to the target organ that causes a secondary disease by making it impossible for the cells to continue to produce brain essentials and body essentials.

Particulates that are prescribed by a licensed symptometrist do not cause side effects because the person’s cells continue to create pathways and use nutrients and water to produce essentials.

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