Meet The Founder

Imagine a life free of pain, worry, stress, inflammation, and disease. Imagine days full of energy, focus, joy, creativity and love. What would you do with your time if the children in your life were at their full potential and the adults in your life had full use of their bodies and mind as they aged? You would be free to live your best life, experience your truest desires and enjoy your loved ones, of course.

That is what Symptometry: Originator Root Cause Therapeutics delivers to those with the self-discipline to replace harmful foods, products and lifestyle habits with our scientifically-supported therapeutic products and proven lifestyle recommendations. You see, once the roots of the diseases have been identified and taken out of a person, optimal cellular function resumes because the cells have gotten what they need in the form that they want it.  

As Symptometry is the first entirely science-based therapeutics that both identifies the ROOT CAUSE of a disease in the individual and uses all natural therapeutic products to remove it, licensed symptometrists and authorized coaches are able to help those battling:

  • genetic and autoimmune diseases
  • viral and chronic diseases 
  • cancer, diabetes, heart disease, loss of mobility and other diseases triggered by diet & lifestyle habits

“How” you ask? Simple. Symptometry is not allopathic medicine; and, while it is a form of natural medicine, Symptometry is not alternative medicine. Symptometry is the first entirely science-based therapeutics that both identifies the ROOT CAUSE of a disease and uses all natural therapeutic products to remove it.

By using applied genetics and atomic physics; applied quantum physics; applied classical physics; applied nuclear physics; applied molecular chemistry; cellular health; applied anatomy and physiology; pharmacology; nutrition; biochemistry; genetics & more in its diagnosis and prescription process, Symptometry gives a person the maximum chances of complete healing without introducing new diseases (also known as ‘side effects’).

The confusion and states of chronic disease in which most of mankind find themselves started when people chose to treat themselves with herbs, needles, barks of trees, clay, mud, hot piece of iron, etc. It was these methods from the Middle Ages and earlier that produced treatment with pharmaceutical drugs, which often use low levels of heavy metals and other toxins to stabilize their active ingredients and mask the health challenge long enough for the person to function. Every “therapeutic” has its place but not every “therapeutic” addresses the needs of the cells, DNA, the genes, the chromosomes, blood and the lymphatic system. This is the work of Symptometry.

Correlation diagnostics, the affinity concept, ionization, cell nourishment, nurturing, enzyme production, etc. are the tools that allow the cells to restore a person’s health. Rather than mask or minimize health challenges, Symptometry uses the scientific methods described above to identify the cause and lead mankind to optimal health. In Root Cause TherapeuticsTM, the emphasis is on good circulation, ionization (removal) of concretions from the cells, cell nourishment, enzyme production, nurturing, and actual tissue renewal so that our cells reward us with optimal health. No disease is incurable especially if resistance, friction, inertia and tension are not in the person.

Invented in 1992 by Dr. Maxwell Nartey, Symptometry has never stopped curing and preventing all kinds of diseases in individuals who had no resistance, friction, tension and inertia. Its average cure rate is 92%. Optimal health is within your reach. Take advantage of our free e-courses or get your private health consultation today.